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krewe of the gratiae

about the krewe of The Gratiae

The Krewe of the Gratiae is an all women Mardi Gras Krewe of 165 members. Gratiae was
founded in 1998 by Jan Bordelon, Debbie Doggett, Cindy Crotty, Colette Glankler and Beth Ledet.

Krewe members are referred to as “Goddesses” and our krewe logo depicts the three goddess sisters of grace and beauty. The word Gratiae means “Graces” in Greek Mythology. The three Graces are Aglaia (Splendor), Thalia (Good Cheer) and Euphrosyne (Mirth).

They are usually considered daughters of Zeus and Eunomia. The three Graces represent beauty and charm in nature and in human life. They love all things beautiful and are said to bestow talents to mortals. The legend of the Gratiae can be seen in the stars once every year when the skies open for song, dance and happiness to grace the Mardi Gras season. The Krewe of the Gratiae held its first ball in February of 1999.

Each year, our krewe chooses a theme, and our Krewe members, “Goddesses”, dress in costume to represent the theme. Our Krewe also nominates and selects the spouse of a Krewe member every year as King. His identity is kept secret until our ball; he is then recognized and crowned by the Krewe Captain.

Krew of Gratiae - Alexadria, LA

Contact Information

P.O.Box 12041
Alexandria, LA 71315


1999 – King Gratiae I, Robert Theus Crotty | Krewe Captain – Colette Glankler
2000 – King Gratiae II, Eugene A. Ledet, Jr. | Krewe Captain – Beth Ledet
2001 – King Gratiae III, Robert R. LaBorde, Jr. | Krewe Captain – Cindy Crotty
2002 – King Gratiae IV, Michael Ellington Bordelon | Krewe Captain – Kelly Ducote
2003 – King Gratiae V, Benjamin B. Close | Krewe Captain – Fran Terry
2004 – King Gratiae VI, Leslie Paul Glankler | Krewe Captain – Kathy Englesman
2005 – King Gratiae VII, Richard Lee Cruz | Krewe Captain – Paula Tarver
2006 – King Gratiae VIII, Michael A. Juneau | Krewe Captain – Tracy Neely Juneau
2007 – King Gratiae IX, Michael S. Simpson | Krewe Captain – Julie Simpson
2008 – King Gratiae X, John Rhodes | Krewe Captain – Paula Monk
2009 – King Gratiae XI, Michael Monk | Krewe Captain – Tommie Hebert
2010 – King Gratiae XII, Terry Texada | Krewe Captain – Debbie Baudin
2011 – King Gratiae XIII, Fred Ruggles | Krewe Captain – Ashley Ruggles
2012 – King Gratiae XIV, Chad P. Juneau | Krewe Captain – Amy Juneau
2013 – King Gratiae XV, Steve Deville | Krewe Captain – Robin Richey
2014 – King Gratiae XVI, Timothy Ellis Velotta | Krewe Captain – Colleen Velotta
2015 – King Gratiae XVII, Benjamin Todd Drury | Krewe Captain – Tricia Deville
2016 – King Gratiae XVIII, Martin D. Shores | Krewe Captain – Katherine Goins
2017 – King Gratiae XIX, Jonathan Peyton | Krewe Captain – Kellie Peyton
2018 – King Gratiae XX, to be announced | Krewe Captain – Annette Curley