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krewe of CaLLIOPE

about the krewe of CaLLIOPE

The Krewe of Calliope is a women’s Mardi Gras Krewe consisting of 110 Goddesses. Our Krewe was founded in 2020 by a group of friends, Kayla Soileau, Erica Fox, Victoria Munsterman, Alison Hayes and Alex Mahfouz.

The Greek Goddess, Calliope presides over eloquence, epic poetry and music. She is known to be beautiful and wise. All goddesses within the krewe represent these great qualities. Being the Muse of eloquence and epic poetry, Calliope has the power to inspire stories and that is what we do at our annual Mardi Gras ball. Each year, goddesses open the ball with a themed story through related music. Costumes are worn by members to represent the chosen theme.

King of the ball is voted upon by the Goddesses and presented at the end of the opening number. The king then leads the Krewe in a second line to start the party!