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krewe of boogaloo

about the krewe of Boogaloo

Year Founded: 1988

Krewe membership is inclusive & open to men and women, singles and couples and is non-discriminatory with regard to race, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, etc…

The authority of the Krewe is derived Ex Authoritate Bacca Commissa (From the Chair of Bacchus). 

Ex Authoritate Bacca Commissa was invoked in 2011 at the Diamond Grill during the Meeker Wine Dinner when BB Bacchus anointed & proclared Molly & Charlie Meeker of Meeker Wines as the first ever EMPRESS & EMPEROR of Boogaloo. 

There is growing speculation that Charlie Meeker is BB Bacchus since he & Molly were sited at a vineyard outside of Sydney Australia on July 3, 2010, living life to the fullest. Three of BB Bacchus’ great grand nieces were in Alexandria for Boogaloo 2011 & some believe they are related to Molly Meeker also.

For its 23rd Anniversary in 2011, Krewe members and guests Boogalooed to the Bayou Degradable Band featuring Big Luther Kent, co-lead vocalist from Blood, Sweat & Tears, Leon Medica of New Orleans Ladies Fame, Dony Wynn, drummer for Robert Palmer and Books & Dunn. The Ronnie Brumley Fabulous Firethorns performed under the direction of Dave Duplissey. Big Luther & surprise guest vocalist G. G. Shinn performed a historic duet, When Something Is Wrong With My Baby, at which point Members & Guests danced til early morning hours, costumed in traditional Boogaloo and Mardi Gras colors. 

Meeker Wines Rollercoaster & Lobster Cove were the featured wines. Bottles of sparkling wine were awarded to 13 members for embracing & celebrating carnival in the spirit of Supreme Grand Marshall Emeritus B. B. Bacchus.

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Contact Information

Katie Vanderlick

Greg Gormanous

Bob Dvorak

The Krewe’s purpose is to celebrate life in BB Bacchus style, whose motto is:




Only Krewe members are given the sacred interpretation of his motto.


The Krewe was founded in Mississippi in 1932 by B.B. Bacchus, who was born in Itta Bena, Mississippi, on the Kilmichael Plantation. Since B. B. King was also born there and was an inspiration for re-establishing the Krewe in Louisiana, many believe BB King is Bacchus.

In 1988, a grave decision was made to resurrect the Krewe in Central Louisiana by a group including Rick Ranson, Sonny Craig, Bob Dvorak, and Greg Gormanous. The late John Thompson is the President Emeritus in Perpetuity.

Katie Vanderlick is President, Leslie Elliott Smith is Float Captain and Bob Dvorak is the Perpetual Treasurer.

During the second Bacchanalia in 1936, another leap year, B. B. Bacchus made a grand entrance on Kemosh, his 11,000-pound bull elephant. He disappeared later that evening when he was seen leaving with three women…and Kemosh following them. He was expected to reappear during the millennium leap year for Bacchanalia 2000 and subsequent leap years. However, Kemosh’s reappearance was doubtful. While no one will testify B. B. Bacchus or Kemosh was at the Bacchanalia 2008, a leap year, reports of their sighting were widely spread by Krewe Members. 

Three women descendants of Bacchus attended Bacchanalia 2006. One claimed she had proof that Bacchus was her relative. Krewe members were skeptical because some feared she was attempting to claim the Bacchus’ estate, which is valued at over 14 billion dollars. Bacchus’ three nieces here in Alexandria are expected to lay claim to his fortune.

Recent sightings of Bacchus have been reported in Australian, North American and European cities including Monte Carlo, Berlin, Oslo, Stockholm, Hollywood, Perth, Palm Beach, New Orleans, Quebec City, Paris, Healdsburg, Nice, Montreal, South Beach and Cannes. B. B. Bacchus was seen May 27, 1998 near the French Riviera as Grand Marshall of the Annual Vin De Vin Festival on Avenue De Nostradamus in Salon De Provence. On May 27, 2003, Bacchus was sighted in Sydney, Australia. Multiple sightings of Bacchus were reported on January 4, 2004 in New Orleans at the LSU championship game. Bacchus was also seen in New Orleans during the LSU Championship Game on January 7, 2008. 

Much speculation exists as to Bacchus’ true identity. In addition to B. B. King, some believe Bacchus is Blues Brothers 2000 Steve Cropper or was Otis Redding. Some believe George Burns was the real Bacchus while others think Humphrey Bogart, Jimi Hendrix or Elvis was Bacchus. Although some believe Hank Williams, Sr., was Bacchus, this theory is contradicted by the documented fact that Bacchus visited Hank Williams’ grave in Montgomery, Alabama in 2004.

Honorary Krewe members include Campbell Brown, NBC correspondent; Grady Gaines, the First Grand Marshall of the Alexandria Mardi Gras Parade; former Dallas Cowboy and Grand Marshall Chris Bonial; R. P. Reaves, of Montgomery, Alabama; and Sydnie Kohara, former Grand Marshall. Eddie Floyd of the Blues Brothers’ movie was named an honorary member in 2004. Julie Hanna, the 2008 Grand Marshall of Alexandria Mardi Gras is also an honorary member. Federal Judge Dickie Haik, Josh Hyde and LSU’s Mike The Tiger are also honorary members.

Celebrating music, especially Louisiana inspired music, is the cardinal theme of the Krewe. Past musicians have included The Dock of the Bay House Rockers, Grammy Award Winner Irma Thomas, Charmaine Neville, The Boogie Kings, Leon Medica and Lady Liz Neville, Cookie and the Cupcakes, Na Na Sha, Big Luther Kent, the Harmon Drew Review, Ronnie Brumley and The Fabulous Fire Horns, Tip Top, Bobby Cure, Blues Brother Eddie Floyd & Grady Gaines & the Texas UpSetters.

The official Krewe song is Jockomo by New Orleanian Sugarboy Crawford, and the official Krewe color is Red.

Eddie “Knock On Wood” Floyd, from the Hollywood movie Blues Brothers 2000, performed with Grady Gaines, the first Grand Marshall of the Alexandria Mardi Gras Parade, for Bacchanalia 2004. Floyd performed original songs, including his famous composition “Knock on Wood” and “634 5789.” Grady Gaines & Eddie Floyd were named Co-Emperors of Boogaloo by the COUNCIL OF BB BACCHUS’ ATTORNEYS during their quadrennial Summit in Paris in 2004.


A tradition is that each Boogaloo Member is a King or Queen, and each guest is a Prince or Princess or Duke or Duchess. Thus, there is neither a King or Queen nor a formal court for the Bacchanalia.

Molly & Charlie Meeker of Meeker Wines served as the first ever EMPRESS & EMPEROR of Boogaloo. Charlie Meeker is former President of MGM Studios and is a movie producer. Molly Meeker has over 30 years experience in both the film & wine industries. The Meeker Tribe is legendary among wine lovers. 


The Krewe of Boogaloo is antithetical to traditional Krewes because its purpose was to raise funds for worthy causes. Donations were made to charitable organizations. Past recipients include Habitat For Humanity, The Shepherd Center, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Hope House, The Food Bank, Rapides Primary Health Care Center, Dixie Boys and Girls Youth Leagues and the Caring Peoples Pharmacy. In 2003, funds were distributed to support the Alexandria Police Memorial and the families of National Guard personnel deployed in Iraq. For 2008, donations were made to the Giordano Families, who are long time members of the Krewe of Boogaloo.