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krewe of Anastasia

about the krewe of Anastasia

In 1917, the Romanov’s rulers of Imperial Russia, a dynasty which encompassed 1/6th of the globe, were overthrown by civil revolution. While some of the nobility and their followers fled to safety, the Czar, his wife and their children were imprisoned and later shot.

Shortly thereafter, there were rumors that one of the family members had escaped and was still alive. In the weeks, months, and years that followed, these rumors grew louder and stronger.
And then, suddenly, a mysterious woman appeared: a woman who claimed to be the youngest daughter of the last Czar.

Her Imperial Highness, the Grand Duchess Anastasia Nicholavenia.

Could this be the real Anastasia?

Is it possible that Rasputin, the controversial holy man and beloved confidant of the children of the Czar and Grand Duchess, had foreseen the imminent demise of the royal family?
Did he return from the grave to protect his beloved Anastasia?

The saga of Anastasia’s flight to escape her captors and death is dramatic and cloaked in intrigue. Forever surrounded by controversy, the legend of Anastasia remains, to this day, a mystery. This Krewe seeks to honor the renown and royal stature of the Russian Romanov Duchess, Anastasia.

Anastasia and her sisters did not bear the title of Princess. They were referred to as Grand Duchesses, which is considered rank above the European title of Princess.

Krewe of Anastasia

The Krewe of Anastasia has a Boar Bash(pig roast) the Friday before our mardi gras ball.