Children's Parade Entry Form


Saturday, February 18, 2023 at 10:00 a.m.

Registration Deadline: February 10, 2023

Staging takes place At Murray & 10th in Downtown Alexandria.

Route: Murray St. – 5th St. – Jackson St. – 3rd St. – St. James St.


    • Entry Fee: $100 (non-refundable)
      If you wish to pay via debit/credit card, you will be directed to a payment page once you complete the form, or to use PayPal, find us by our email:
      Please submit checks to Alexandria Mardi Gras Association – P.O. Box 13651, Alexandria, LA 71315.
      No entries will be approved until payment is received by the registration deadline.
    • Participants on the parade entries shall be a minimum age of five (5) and a maximum age of eighteen (18). This minimum age limit is for safety reasons.
    • You are required to have a minimum of one (1) adult for every five (5) children. We recommend that you also have at least 2 spotters for each vehicle and 4 spotters for each float to walk beside your entry.  Spotters may not throw to the crowd and must perform their designated function of keeping the crowd back from the floats.  Please refer to the attached spotter instruction sheet.
    • Attached you will find a DRIVER FACT SHEET – Please be sure to send it in by the deadline – details on the sheet.
    • No “driver only” vehicles will be permitted in the Children’s parade, except for specialty “floats” such as the Alexandria Aces Airplane, etc. The purpose of this is to prohibit individuals from entering themselves, for whatever purpose, and trying to drive the route while throwing to the crowds and distracting their attention from the path in front of them as they drive.  This would obviously be a hazard to everyone and we do not want that!
    • There is a limit of 70 entries to the parade and may include floats (consisting of long-bed pickup, flatbed trailers, or professional floats), marching units, bands, cars, trucks, etc.
    • All entries must be decorated for Mardi Gras and have a Mardi Gras theme.
    • You are required to purchase your own throws, which include beads, cups, doubloons, toys, candy, etc.
    • We will be assembling large floats at 7:00 AM and all other parade units at 8:00 AM. All entries must be in their assigned location no later than 9:30 AM.

If you have any questions or need any clarification of the above, please feel free to call:

Jenna Bonner – 542-9084
Josh Candiloro – 451-5022

You are responsible for reading and adhering to the PARADE RULES and LINE UP DETAILS below. A copy of these will be emailed to you once your registration is approved. 

Parade Rules

Alexandria Mardi Gras Association – RULES FOR FLOAT RIDERS

            A.         Any Parade Participants and/or Krewe who violates any rule(s) are subject to sanctions including being banned from participating in future Mardi Gras parades and activities;

            B.         Each driver must submit a Driver Information Form and attend the Mandatory Driver’s meeting at 1000 Bolton Avenue, Alexandria, Louisiana. Time to be scheduled later.

            C.         All should refrain from imbibing alcohol;

            D.         Drivers absolutely may not throw from the vehicle;

            E.         Electioneering is absolutely prohibited;

            F.         Crossing barricades without police permission is prohibited.



            A.         Commercially wrapped candy and/or other “food stuffs”, like Twinkies, miniature bread loaves, etc. are allowed as throws in these parades only;

            B.         Throws are prohibited that are vulgar, obscene, pornographic and/or dangerous. “Dangerous” is defined as:

                        1.         Any object which is overly heavy, to the extent that a spectator could likely be injured, simply by attempting to “catch” said throw; and

                        2.         Any object that could be considered a knife, sword or similar type implement and any object that has sharp edges, to the extent that a spectator could likely be injured, simply by attempting to “catch” said throw.

            C.         Riders may not solicit vulgar, obscene and/or pornographic acts in exchange for throws;

            D.         Throws are, further, prohibited from containing any political or commercial advertising, except for a throw, which is “sponsored by” a commercial entity.  Example: a Krewe cup, which includes a small embossing indicating that the cup is sponsored by a member’s company/organization, is NOT prohibited. A cup that is only an advertisement for a member’s company or a political candidate is prohibited.

            E. CHRISTMAS PARADE ONLY: You are allowed to throw candy from your entry; you will not be allowed to have a Santa Claus on your entry; and each entry must be decorated with a Christmas theme.



No Krewe (or entry) shall deviate from the official route without first obtaining written approval to do so from the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will not consider any such request without proof that the requesting Krewe (or entry) has made specific arrangements with and received the approval of the Alexandria Police Department regarding the appropriate security for the float, the float riders, and the public once the float has left the official route and until all float riders have been discharged from the float.



All vehicles, regardless of make, model and/or type, shall possess a valid, current safety inspection sticker, issued by the appropriate state authority; and meet all appropriate safety standards as determined by the Float Chairman, as instructed, from time to time, by either the Executive Committee or the Board of Directors.

The Alexandria Mardi Gras Association and all other parties to the parade will not be responsible for lost items and accidents in the staging area, the disband area, or along the parade route. By participating in the parade, you agree to these conditions. Please use all caution while moving about in these areas. Should you encounter any problems, please let us know so that we can correct them. We appreciate your participation and look forward to seeing you next year!

Line Up Details

STAGING (before the parade):

We will begin to assemble large floats under I-49 on Murray Street downtown Alexandria at 7:00 a.m. (you will be given detailed lineup instructions when you receive your lineup number one week before the parade). Entries involving vehicles (cars, trucks, etc) should be at the Staging Area no later than 8:00 a.m. on the parade day. Only vehicles in the parade will be allowed in the roped off area. Buses may discharge their passengers anywhere in the Murray Street Area except in the roped off area. All other entries should be checked in and present in the assembly area no later than 9:30 a.m. parade day. There will be volunteers to help you with locating your spot in the lineup and answer any questions that you may have.

All entries will be assigned a number that corresponds to an area in the parking lot. A copy of the parade route and your entry number will be emailed to you no later than February 5, 2024. Alexandria Mardi Gras Association reserves the right to refuse entry to any applicant.

Please have 2 spotters for each vehicle and 4 spotters for each float to ensure the safety of your organization. A spotter is someone that will be responsible for keeping parade watchers at a safe distance from your entry. No entries without spotters will be permitted to participate.


ALONG THE ROUTE (during the parade):

We want to keep things moving so that watchers have the best experience possible. Avoid unnecessary stops or pauses.


DISBAND (after the parade):

The parade will start at Intersection of 10th Street and Murray and end at 3rd and Lee Street. When you arrive at St. James you will be directed back to the staging area, this will be the only place participants will be allowed to disband and meet their rides.